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Precision Farm Supplies has been assisting BC dairy farmers with their ventilation for many years.  Heat Stress is a very real and costly struggle and we can help you find a solution.  We’ve teamed up with Artex Barn Solutions  to offer full ventilation coverage.  Call us today to

Ask us about:

  • tunnel ventilation
  • cross ventilation
  • enhanced natural ventilation
  • hybrid ventilation
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Sun-North curtain systems are very popular and we have installed them all over BC. Here’s a manual crank curtain at a dairy farm in Chilliwack:



We have grain bins and fill augers ready to customize to fit your feeding needs.  We can put extended legs on our bins to fit your wheelbarrow under the boot, rigid augers to fill your mixer wagons and flexible augers to bring feed to your robot milkers. 





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We are pleased to introduce the Accumix 1000s to BC, designed to solve the challenges farmers face when feeding cattle in extreme conditions.  Built by Highline Mfg.  in Saskatchewan, the Accumix was made for Canadian Dairymen for Canadian conditions.  This robust self-propelled mixing wagon is no pavement princess, it can handle anything BC farmers can throw at it.


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We are committed to providing BC dairy farmers with the industry’s highest quality agricultural equipment.  Some of our featured items are the Easy-Swing cow brushes and KRAIBURG rubber mats from AgroMatic (link to: www.agromatic.net).  Check out our photos and literature available for download below.  Give us a call to talk about cow comfort for your farm!

Literature for download:

Storm Fans

Breeze Fans

Exhaust Fans

Feed Bins